Author Feature from ‘Nefarious Creatures’ by Camille Caliman

Cassiopeia is an evil wish in humanoid form who finds herself falling for the one she is supposed to bring harm to...

I come to and all I can see is black. I blink my eyes twice to make sure they aren’t still closed. Moving my hands around, all I can feel are tiles. Am I still in the gym? Am I even still at the school?
I crawl on my hands and knees until I am met with a door. Palming it, I search for a handle. When I find it, I try to turn it desperately, but to no avail. I’m locked in here. My heartbeat picks up. I knew something bad was going to happen today.
I try to control my breathing. Leaning up against the door, I close my eyes. I hear closing doors. I’m still in the gym! Oh, thank goodness. That rules out one scenario, I haven’t been kidnapped. But who did this to me?
There’s no more sounds on the other side of the door. Just me and darkness. I can feel it tugging at my feet. It’s trying to consume me, trying to swallow me whole.
I take in big gasps of air. Stay calm Cassiopeia, stay calm. Think. Do you have your phone with you? That’s right my phone! I dig into my pockets and pull out nothing. They took my phone! I hear it ringing outside the door. That’s my ringtone.
Clawing at the door, I silently beg it to open. I fall up against the door again. That’s when it dawns on me that I have powers. I go to use them on the door, but the warm feeling I usually feel is gone.
Dread and realization hit me all at once. That was probably the chill I felt this morning, someone has locked my powers. The first thing that comes to mind is Headmother. Was this one of her tactics?
I shake my head and push that to the back of my mind. It is a mess right now and I can feel the panic setting in. The same door that I heard close, flies open.
“Robin!” Adair yells.
“Adair!” I rasp, which makes me realize how long I have been in here.
I bang on the door so he’ll know where I am. I hear his feet pound over to the door. He tries to open the door, but it seems to be locked from that side too.
“I can’t open it. So I’m going to force my way in. Stand back!” He instructs.
I stumble back, and he kicks open the door. The light pierces my eyes, but I don’t care. I run blindly into the wall of light and into his arms. He holds me tightly and I grip him with all my strength. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist.
“Robin.” He whispers.
Some of his hair has sloppily come out of his typical bun. I can feel his heart pounding and he smells like sweat. He rubs the back of my head and I wince when his hand runs over the base of my head. His hand freezes and he pulls away.

Camille Caliman is the author of Nefarious Creatures and The Quest for Óg.


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