Coffee Break Read – Her Dream Lover

The night was like velvet against her skin as she dropped her wrap and waded into the ink-blue sea. As soon as the water reached her thighs she leaned into its cool caress and began to swim along a moonlit pathway to the rocks.

Climbing out onto a weed-covered ledge she lay down and let the moonlight have its way with her.

She was so entranced by the lure of the night that she didn’t hear the faint splash of another swimmer, and nor was she aware when something clambered onto her resting place.

Her first real awareness was the feeling of a pair of big hands, one grasping her wrists as they lay above her head and another turning her chin so she looked into a pair of completely lightless eyes. She smiled, and nodded, willing him to fulfil her dream, and lifting her body towards him in mute invitation. He stilled her movement with his calloused palms, caressing the column of her throat before turning his attention to her moon-silvered skin, licking and biting until she could no longer keep still. She moved again, lazily and slumbrously, and she could have sworn she heard a grunt of satisfaction from the male who held her in his thrall.

As he made her his she stared into the eyes of the moon, unable to do anything other than feel. It was a great sense of loss to her when he was done, and his weight lifted from between her thighs.

Then he was gone, leaving only a trail of phosphorescent bubbles to show her kelpie lover wasn’t a dream….

© jane jago 2017


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