Author feature from ‘With love, Ella’ by Alexa Randolph

With Love, Ella  is a contemporary women's fiction novel.

“Wow El, you look stunning.”
She got down to the last step and jumped into his arms and never wanted to let go. They got into the car and drove off to the surprise location.
Daniel could sense that something was going on because Ella didn’t seem like herself. He saw right through her façade.
“Hey El, is everything okay? You seem kind of distracted.”
“Yeah everything is good. It’s just been a rough week with being sick. I guess my energy isn’t fully back to where it should be yet, but I’m all yours tonight I don’t want to think about the past week. I am so proud of you. I saw the highlights from the game. You guys are doing amazing,” Ella said.
“It has been one hell of a preseason so far. But enough about football. I want to just be in the moment with you.” Daniel leaned over to give her a kiss before getting out of the car and opening her door.
Ella looked around at the surprise location.
“The beach? I didn’t bring a swimsuit.”
Daniel laughed. “Don’t worry babe, you won’t need one. We aren’t going swimming.”
They walked from the car to beach laughing and stealing kisses the whole time. Ella had stopped in her tracks suddenly with Daniel right behind her.
“Oh Daniel, this is beautiful. I can’t believe you did this for me.”
Ella look around to see a beautifully set table with a light pink tablecloth, and pink and white rose petals scattered on the table and on the sand by their table. There were little floating candles on the table. It looked magical. Ella had tears in her eyes. Daniel was always thinking about her and going out of his way for her. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She was blown away, but still In the back of her mind she was nervous of his reaction to her news.
“You are truly one of a kind, Daniel Collins. This means so much to me,” Ella said through the tears.
Daniel pulled her into him and kissed her before pulling out her seat and pushing her in. He took off the tops of the food containers at their seat and poured the wine.
“This food smells and looks amazing,” Ella said.
“Well it’s your favorite meal from the club.”
“Who can resist Scott’s spaghetti and meatballs?”
“No one with taste.”
They spent the rest of dinner catching up and enjoying each other’s company. Ella noticed that Daniel was starting to get fidgety and had a nervous energy. She held his hand and smiled at him. He kissed her hand and held them tight.
“Ella, you have always been my best friend and for the past six years I have been lucky enough to call you the love of my life. We may fight at times, but I know that I could never be without you by my side. Words could never describe how much you mean to me. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and the reason I never want to go to sleep at night. When I think about my future the only thing that I know for sure is how much I need you in it. You are my everything.” He grabbed a box out of his pocket and got down on knee. He looked her right in the eyes and said, “Will you do the honor of making me the happiest guy in the world and be my wife?”
Ella was shocked. She shouldn’t have been surprised, as this had been a long time coming. But still she didn’t think it would happen now when her life had just fallen apart. Tears formed in Ella’s eyes.
“I…uh…I need a minute.” Ella said before slipping her heels off and taking off down the beach.

You can find out more about the book and its author, Alexa Randolph, on her website.

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