A Bite of… Christina McMullen

Question one: Have you ever thought life might be better lived in one of the worlds you have created? Which one and as which character?

With the exception of my latest series, all of my books take place in our world, however, there is a fantastic element that is known only to a few select folks. My first series, The Eyes of The Sun, takes place in New Orleans (and parts in Paris), but in the shadows, where vampires exist, even though they are not what is commonly thought of as vampires. Since New Orleans and Paris are two of my favourite ‘real’ places, I choose the secret headquarters of the Eclipse Project in the Central Business District of New Orleans. As to who I would be, well, I must confess that Dara’s particular vampiric issues were based on my own health anomalies.

Question two: Vampires or aliens? You have to put one in Room 101. Which can you best do without?

This is an entirely unfair question. So many wildcards to consider. Are the aliens the benevolent sort who are here to fix what we’ve screwed up? And if so, does the elimination of all humans count as fixing? On the other hand, are the vampires the classically rich, powerful, and sexy bloodsuckers who live forever? And if so, how will immortality help them if Stephen Hawking is correct and we’ve only got about 100 years left on this rock? I guess I have to take my chances that I can charm the aliens enough to take me with them to their home world, which is entirely made up of beach front property. Sorry, vampire loves.

Question three: You have one shot at making this world a better place by passing one law that nobody will be able to break. What’s that law going to be?

Ban all manufactured weapons. Not just the guns. You want to fight a war? You’ve got sticks, rocks, and your bare hands. Nothing more.

Christina McMullen is a science fiction and fantasy author who dreams of flying cars and electric sheep. She currently resides in Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband and their dogs. When she isn't writing, Christina enjoys travel, vegan cooking, modern and classical art, and of course, reading. 

You can follow her on her Website, Indie author site, Twitter and Facebook.


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