A bite of… Grace Lord

Grace Lord is the eponymous heroine of S.E. Sasaki’s new novel Amazing Grace. which is the third in the Grace Lord Series of medical sci-fi books.

Q1. What do you most enjoy about your job?

I’m a combat surgeon and my goal is to save lives. I operate on the wounded soldiers of the Conglomerate, injured in armed conflicts around the union of Solar Systems. My job is to put these poor soldiers back together again. What do I enjoy the most? I don’t enjoy seeing these kids wounded and almost torn apart but I do enjoy seeing them open their eyes to realize that they have lived to see another day. I enjoy seeing them get out of bed and walk off of the station into hopefully a new life. If I have played a role in their recovery, I take comfort in that.


Q2. Who are your best friends and do you have any enemies?

I have to admit that my best friend at the moment is an android named Bud. He’s a Surgical Assisting Medical Nanobot-Manipulating Entity (or SAMM-E) created by my boss, Dr. Hiro Al-Fadi. Bud is also an artificial intelligence with astonishing capabilities. He was created to be the next great super-surgeon but I believe he is so much more. What exactly, I don’t know. He’s still evolving, as he can recreate and improve himself using his nanobots. Whatever he is, he’s capable of only good and this is fortunate for me, as I have unwittingly made an enemy of a very brilliant but vengeful man named Dr. Jeffrey Charlton Nestor. Dr. Nestor wants my death – seems obsessed with causing it – and I don’t really even know why. All I know is torture plays a huge part of Nestor’s plan and I thank the stars that I have Bud keeping an eye out for me. No matter what, I won’t let Nestor win and I won’t let Bud or myself be harmed by him.

Q3. What is your main ambition at the moment?

I would have to say, staying alive! Nestor has tried to kidnap me, kill my friends, kill me, destroy the medical station, and destroy Bud. I would like to believe he’s going to give up, but all evidence points to the contrary. He’s managed to escape the authorities and we believe he has left the Nelson Mandela but he’s returned in the past to wreak his revenge. Psychiatric profiles suggest he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Me dead and perhaps the Nelson Mandela completely destroyed. We have to be ready for him, if or when he returns. I may have to leave the station, but I’m not sure that will save the Nelson Mandela. I probably have to draw Nestor away, if I can, to save everyone I love. Leaving Bud and everyone else will be hard, but I have to try.


S.E. Sasaki aka ‘Dr. Sass’ in her own words:

My teeth are old.
My feet are cold.
My knees both crack
‘Yikes’ goes my back
I am a doc.
My work is chock
Full of blood and poo.
What can you do?
I write sci-fi.
At least I try.
I have two kids
And marital bliss.
I have two cats
And that is that.

You can catch up with S.E. Sasaki on Twitter or her own Website.





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