A bite of… Eric Klein

Eric Klein is the author of the science fiction novel The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System and books on cyber-security.

Question one: What was the most difficult piece of research you did for this book?

Actually, the most difficult part of the research was stopping. It was so much fun finding and connecting the various pieces together. But the hardest part was digging up details about chelation therapy for heavy metals. Turns out that eating cilantro has been found to help reduce some heavy metals in the body, and this translated to some of the dishes served in restaurants on Mars.

Question two: If you could name a space mission to explore beyond the edges of our galaxy, what would you call it? And why?

Well, avoiding the various silly names. I would name it Minerva, after the Greek Goddess of Learning. I expect out initial forays out of our solar system and galaxy will first be to learn what is out there while later missions may be exploration, colonization, or even military. But I must admit, I was tempted with boldly going with Enterprise.

Question three: If you were given the chance of a one-way ticket to a colony on Mars would you go?

When the Mars One project came out with a chance to win such a one-way ticket, I was tempted to put in my name. But as much as I would love to be part of such a project, I have too much here on Earth to give up. Now if it was a round trip tourist ticket I would be first in line (something out to Jupiter or Saturn, and back, would be even better).

Eric Klein in his own words:
I have been dreaming of space ever since being woken up to watch the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing at three in the morning. The fact that as a three-year-old I demanded to be woken up (or that my parents actually did wake me) was not a surprise. You see I was watching the Original Star Trek TV series in color from the 9th episode because they had the audacity of starting to air the series before I was born. (Trivia fact: I was born on the day of the original airing of the episode Miri). I credit my love for all things Shakespearean to starting with the many references in Star Trek. A hint to these origins can be found by my use of the play Hamlet in space, similar to that used in the Star Trek episode ‘The Conscience of the King’ in my first novel.

You can find Eric on Goodreads, Twitter or his own Website.

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