A Bite of… Jude Hayland

Jude Hayland is the author of Counting The Ways

Q1: Coffee or tea?

Coffee – as long as it’s GOOD coffee –  A large Cappuccino by choice!

Q2: Which historical figure would you most wish you could meet?

It would have to be a writer – is that allowed? George Eliot – a writer whose work and the way she lived exceeded the limitations and boundaries of the Victorian society of her day.  Her writing expresses a tolerance and balance of viewpoint and her scope of subject matter is so extensive – domestic and political concerns, love, loss, self-delusion, self-obsession and so much more.   Her characters are entirely and sharply convincing and her novels can be read and re-read endlessly.  What an impressive woman she must have been!

Q3: What time of day do you write best?

Early morning and/or early evening – I find the afternoon the least productive time and, in an ideal world, I would write from dawn until  11am and from 5.00 to 8.30 or 9.00 pm– but the realities of life rarely allow for this.

Jude Hayland has been writing for many years, publishing short stories for women's magazines both in the UK and internationally.  After completing an M.A. in Critical Writing, however, her interest shifted to longer fiction and she has now written two novels:  Truth to Tell (2013) and Counting the Ways (2017). She is currently working on her third.  

Her novels elude the label of a specific genre - women's contemporary fiction is about the closest - and are certainly character-driven.  She is also a teacher of English, creative writing and drama - but defines herself more as a writer than anything else.

Born in London, she now lives in Winchester but also spends a great deal of time at a family owned house on the island of Crete.  You can find out more on her website.

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