I grow old and youth has fled to foreign lands
Where the grass waves green and lush
A place where ideas and dreams were the same
And there was all the time in the world.

Lands where I once danced with feet as light as air
Till dawn broke we were drunk on ideas
Ambitions for which there was always time enough
And talk was cheap and flowed like a river of wine.

My ship is sailing now to strange new ports
Distant lands are faint sketched by an unknown creator
The brow is wrinkled now that checks a calendar
Of days and nights that have a limit and then no more.

Plans and ambitions are sharp focused by fear
Maybe today will be the last dawning, the last awakening of all
Time races past, carried off by tasks and errands that matter not
Blue veined hands clutch tight, snatching a moment before it too is gone.

The future narrowed by time past is unknown
It’s shape unfamiliar but its border prowled  by stalking fear
That death is there to greet you and laugh at wasted time
Youth’s  ambitions drifted away on a tide of lost hours and broken dreams.

Cindy Tomamichel

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