A Bite of … Stephanie Barr

Stephanie Barr has a new book out now, Ideal Insurgent.

Q1: This books seems like science fiction. What kind of science fiction is it?

Space opera. All my books are character driven and this one is certainly so. I’m a rocket scientist so I like to keep most of my science pretty science-like, but there are bits that are pretty speculative. Still, the real driver for the story, for the action, for everything are the strong personalities and intelligence of my main characters, Nayna and Bryder.

Q2: What was the hardest thing about writing this book?

My characters are supposed to be uber intelligent–I’ve always favored smart characters–but, in order to challenge them, I had to keep tossing them into impossible scenarios and then, as the author, figuring out how they could work their way out using their brains. Turned out, that was a lot of cleverness I was asked to come up with and I was taxed to the max. Even though smarts, in general, is one of my things.

Q3: I’ve heard (heh heh) that you like to squeeze a cat (or cats) and a dragon (or dragons) into all your books. How did you do so in this?

My cats are in everything. When I do science fiction, they often get to be variations on domestic cats (or wild cats for that matter). In this case, I built on a black Maine Coone and made it a badass fighter called a “methercat.” And my “dragon” is a critter called a were-dog  that looks like a cross between a doberman pincher and a Komodo dragon. It has the personality of a dog but can breathe fire, hence it’s named “Dragon.”


My name is Stephanie Barr and I write books, fantasy and science fiction and combinations thereof. A lot of them. I'm also a rocket scientist, raising my two autistic children as a single mother, and herd a bunch of cats. I have three blogs, which are sporadically updated: Rocket ScientistRockets and Dragons, and The Unlikely Otaku. Anything else even vaguely interesting about me can be found in my writing since I put a little bit of myself in everything I write . . .  

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, on my Blog or sign up for my Newsletter.

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