A Bite of… Joanne Van Leerdam

Joanne Van Leerdam is a poet, blogger, writer, thinker, puzzler, teacher, traveller, photographer and generally nice person. Despite having lived all her life in Australia, she has, thus, far, avoided being killed or consumed by any of the deadly wildlife, which is probably a good thing.  Other than Australia, Canada is her favourite place in the world.

Q1: What are your favourite, out of the ordinary, words in the English language and why?

 I love the word “defenestrate”. It sounds dirty, but it means to toss someone or something out the window. More than once, I have had this exact conversation:

Me: “Defenestration is too good for him.”
Them: “Why?”
Me: “The building isn’t tall enough.”

 I also love the word “obmutescence”. It means stubborn silence.

My other favourite, which I use fairly regularly at home because the child who occasionally lives with me is the epitome of the word: “tatterdemalion”. It means shabby, ragged or unkempt. Do you remember how Pigpen in the Peanuts cartoons used to generate dirt and mess everywhere he went? He has nothing on this kid.

Q2: Which famous fictional character would you most like to be and why?

Elizabeth Bennet. Because… Mr Darcy.
And also because I’m sure Pemberly had a magnificent library.

Q3: Coffee or chocolate and why?

Yes, please. I refuse to choose. Each should be in a food group of their own, at the “eat most” end of that pyramid thing. Add pizza too, while you’re at it.

In addition to writing powerful, thought-provoking poetry and short-but-incredibly meaningful stories, Joanne Van Leerdam keeps teens enthralled in her senior high school English, History and Drama/Peformance classes. She is an active member and performer in her local theatre company and has directed high school musicals for ten years.  

 Her poetry is contemporary, sensual, moody and easy to read - and it will get you in the feelings. Her horror fiction is deliciously creepy and macabre, and should not be read in a graveyard unless you're incredibly brave. Joanne has also written two "reimagined" fairy tales, published in a fabulous collection with stories by five other writers.

You can find Joanne on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and her own website.

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