A Bite of… Chloe Hammond

Chloe Hammond is happily married and has been for twelve years. She lives with her husband in little house in the Welsh seaside town of Barry, with great views over the fair and out to sea. They have two rescue dogs, Bonnie and Bella and a fat and fluffy cat called Coco, who is almost as clumsy as her owner. Chloe is the author of the Darkly Vampire series.

1. Who is your favourite literary vampire and why?

I don’t really have a favourite literary vampire oddly enough. I don’t really enjoy the modern ‘Mills and Boons with fangs and a fight’ style vampire novels that seem to be everywhere. I loved Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite’s novels when I was a teenager but I feel like I’ve out grown them now. It’s one of the reasons I wrote Darkly Dreaming, I wanted a vampire novel that reflected who I am now, with my youthful exuberance exhausted, but the experience of years adding to who I am. I do like good quality vampire T.V though, and my favourite vampire at the moment is definitely Cassidy from Preacher. I love him- funny, imperfect, loyal. My kind of character. Rae would definitely get a little crush.

2. If you had an evening completely to yourself what would you do?

I love evenings when my husband is working late, but don’t tell him I said that. I snuggle on the sofa with our rescue dogs, Bella and Bonnie, and my cat Coco. Once I am snugly cocooned under a pile of pets, I play some acoustic folk over Spotify and do and hour or so’s writing. Best trick I’ve learned is to stop writing while I still have something to say, this way it’s easy to pick back up tomorrow. Once I’ve done my writing I’ll either read for a while, or stick one of the series I enjoy but he doesn’t, like iZombie, or Hemlock Grove. Bliss.

3. What exotic pet would you be most interested in owning and why?

I have a dream of moving somewhere warm. I love the sun, although it doesn’t love me. I have Irish skin- red hair and freckles, so I have been known to burn on Barry Island in February. So I like to sit in the shade and look at the sun, especially the sun on water. It stills something in my soul and lets me breathe.
However, most warm places have snakes. I do not like snakes. It’s not fear, fear I can overcome, it’s a more complicated version of repulsion and disgust. Therefore I would love a couple of mongooses. Cute, cuddly little creatures that turn into deadly snake defying ninjas at the site of a slithery tail.


Born in Liverpool, Chloe Hammond grew up in West Wales. The family didn’t have a television, so she was forced to overcome her difficulties with the written word, and books became her escape of choice. She quickly became addicted. Chloe studied Behavioural Sciences at the University of Glamorgan but pestered her lecturers to be allowed some modules of Creative Writing.

After university, she embarked on an all-encompassing vocation in support work. For twenty years Chloe worked with the homeless, refugees, vulnerable women, and disadvantaged teenagers.

She always planned to write- life just got in the way. Then Chloe found herself losing her joie de vivre, she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She needed to completely change her life, and she needed to be open about her diagnosis. Usually very self-sufficient, she refused to give the depression the isolation it craves. She feared judgement, but instead, she discovered gentle compassion and support. Chloe finally made time to write again. Writing soothes and grounds her; exhilarates and stimulates her. Her background in support work allows her great insight into personalities and flavours her multi-faceted and imperfect characters.

You can find Chloe on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Google+, Goodreads and her own website.

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