A Bite of… Richard Pastore

Q1: Twitter or Facebook and why?

Twitter. I’m just not the blogger-type. I wish I were, but it’s not part of my nature. Lord knows, I’ve tried.  I’m happy when I can find the time to read Facebook posts, no less create one. My author site gets about one update per month as well.  I like Twitter’s brevity and (relative) simplicity. It allows me more time to read and respond to followers.

Q2: What is your favourite dessert and why?

Yikes! I have to choose? Well, I’m a healthy eater 99% of the time and I honestly love and crave simple fruit-based dishes (I have a killer recipe for a peach/pear crumble – mmmm). However, for that 1% other time, yeah, cookie-dough ice cream.

Q3: Would you rather meet an angel or a devil from your book and why?

Excellent question and it’s a difficult one. I lightly play around with concept of good and evil in my book, so that members of both sides slide along the scale. I’m also going to sidestep the primary character. Methinks I know him too well already. If I can choose a specific one, then Lilith. I feel like that’s a character I can add more depth too, so I’d like to sit her down for an interview. That, plus I’ve heard she has some amazing anecdotes.

Richard L Pastore was born in Brooklyn New York on a sweltering summer’s day. He spent his entire formative years in that city until moving to New Jersey at the age of 21. Pursuing an education in Cognitive Psychology led to a career in User Interface Design. During a minor behavioral glitch called "midlife crisis" he switched careers to become a Business Analyst.

Although having traveled across the country quite a bit, he feels most at home along the eastern shore of these United States. Be forewarned, should you choose to engage him in a conversation regarding anything food-related; whether it be the history of, growing of, or cooking of; he won’t shut up. You can find him on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook or his own website.

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