From ‘The Dragon Lady’ by Angelique Anderson

I am not the Siapheg! The realization was like a drink of the finest wine, and she blinked away a tear, so overtly thankful that she did not possess such evil inside of her. The only problem, she now realized, was that she must now discover who the dark one is so she can put a halt to the suffering it may bring. The tingling eased off, and she sat on the edge of her father’s bed completely transformed.

“Why, I’m no larger than a house cat. How strange.”

“Not so strange, young Teselym.”

“Huh?” Wylie jumped up, alarmed by the sound of another’s voice. She promptly lost her balance, and tumbled off the bed. She hit the floor with a solid thunk.

“Don’t worry Teselym; your body is capable of many beautiful and magnificent things. Your size will adapt to your circumstances once you leave this room. You can also make yourself smaller if you wish. Anything you desire, you need only state it. The magic that lies within you will do the rest. Consider it compensation from the gods.”

Her white scaled head turned this way and that, as she searched for the owner of the voice, but there was no one to be seen. “Who is that?”

“Must I answer that, if you can’t even find me?” Wylie huffed in response, “I need to be larger.” Instantly she began to grow, and shortly she was roughly the size of a large dog. The mattress was now at eye level, and she looked around for the Dracosinum, wondering where it had gone.

“You may call it you know.”

“Call what?” Wylie asked, agitated that she had not found the source of the voice.

“The Dracosinum, it is yours… all you have to do is call it, and it will come to you. Do you think you found its hiding place by yourself? Not hardly m’dear.”

“Dracosinum, come to me,” Wylie commanded firmly. The circular device lifted itself from her human form, which lay still on the bed, and hovered in midair before her. Wylie reached for it, agitated that it was so much harder to grab with dragon claws than human fingers. The seemingly simple action, now required much more effort.

The moment she held it, the blasted thing opened of its own accord and the clear crystal that protected the tiny beast inside flipped open, revealing its tiny tenant sitting happily in the center, with an impudent grin on his face.

“There, now… was that so hard?” The tiny dragon spoke.

She almost dropped the Dracosinum, but quickly gathered her senses. “Oops, sorry about that?” she said by way of apology.

“Another little trick, so you don’t have to go through that again, every time you become the Teselym, your Dracosinum will be attached to you. Without it, you don’t have me, and without me, you are vulnerable and naïve.”

“I beg your pardon? Just who are you?” She lifted the Dracosinum closer to her face, to see the vexatious little bugger better.

“Well, it’s all a bit tricky to understand. I mean, I don’t presume the human part of you would be able comprehend. “He said matter-of-factly.

“Why you insolent, insulting little beastie!””

“I guarantee you my dear Wylie that is not my intention at all. To answer your question, and quell any further questions you may have, I am a god, or at least, the essence of a god. My sole purpose is to help you reach your full potential as the Earth’s one and only Teselym. You are the only thing standing between mankind and complete and utter evil,” he nodded his head knowingly, sitting back on his haunches, short scaly arms crossed over his chest like an indignant child.

“Most curious,” Wylie said.

“Indeed,” he replied.

“The name Dracosinum, what does it stand for?”

“Well, it’s Latin… Draco… meaning dragon, of course. Sinum meaning pocket.”

Wylie giggled,

“So you’re literally a pocket dragon?” The idea hit her in the funny bone and she guffawed loudly, while he stared back at her, unamused.

The Dragon Lady is the first book in the steampunk series The Dracosinum Tales by Angelique Anderson.

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