A Bite of… Bryan Pentelow

Q1: What is your favourite traditional British food?

This has to be the Full English, or on my rare forays to Northern Ireland an Ulster Fry. These fine examples of a coronary on a plate have been the back bone and muscle of the British working man for generations. They may have died early but with a smile on their grease smeared lips. This feast is also enjoyed by two of the main characters in the Sprocket Sagas, Mr Brassroyd and his faithful English Bull terrier Mrs Mumbly. Cooked on a huge oil fired cast iron range in the kitchen of 7 Pudding Founders Lane, there is nothing Mrs Mumbly likes better than slices of bread fried golden brown and crispy in bacon fat.

Q2: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Without a doubt, a dog person. My childhood companion was a wire-haired fox terrier. This small fierce animal had a truly warped personality. It would ignore any dog smaller than she was and leap, fangs bared by any dog larger. When our children were growing up we were bequeathed a second hand three legged Golden Labrador by an elderly couple who lived across the road and were moving to Spain. This dog which often played in our garden with our children simply arrived with his bowl and basket and within two days was a permanent fixture. Docile and loving by nature he was the ideal pet with only two down sides. Labradors shed hail 365 days a year and this one would beg desperately for the box when we had a pizza and then turn into the original dog in the manger in defence of his prize.

Q3: What do you think the best thing would be about living in a world where dragons exist?

In my Dragon World time passes at a faster rate than on our world so you can double the length of the weekends while not missing more than a couple of hours at home.

My dragons, though many are huge and most are fire breathing are vegetarians so don’t eat people. They are sentient and powerful telepaths so no problems with communication or learning difficult languages. Let’s be honest humans just don’t have enough fangs to speak dragon properly. Dragons live for centuries and with the ease of mind to mind contact History would be a fascinating experience, getting actual eyewitness accounts of things and happenings which we can only speculate about. But best of all would be the fireworks. Dragons are an explosion looking for somewhere to happen and will put on a pyrotechnic display at the drop of a hat, literally to let off steam. You could have the sort of displays that would make New Years Eve along the Thames pale into insignificance. What a treat.

Finally just for Jane:

I an old and a dragon to boot
And find humans a bit of a hoot
Though I’m covered in scales
And harder than nails
You find me incredibly cute.


About Bryan:

I was conceived in Dorset born in Northamptonshire and now live in Yorkshire. My early life, starting in 1947, was relatively pastoral, growing up in a small town tainted with shoe factories, but surrounded by rolling countryside. My parents determined that my sister and I should not follow them onto the factory floor of the Boot and Shoe trade, chivvied and encouraged us to get a reasonably good education, and despite our best efforts to ignore this, some of it rubbed off.

My teen years were made more entertaining by the combination of the US air force and a Lambretta motor scooter. These enabled me to explore the world of R&B music. As part of a distinctly amateur rock group which played predominately black music to mainly black audiences in the PX clubs of the plethora of American Air Bases which dotted my part of East Anglia. These establishments also provided access to cigarettes, alcohol and ten pin bowling at prices which were affordable due to the excellent exchange rate and US government subsidy. My thanks, to America, for making teen angst bearable by providing very necessary distractions.

Following three years of glorious irresponsibility, at a teacher training college in South Wales, I qualified as a teacher and proceeded to make children’s lives less than exciting. Due to the miserable pay scales of that time I gave up moulding personalities and became a sales rep for an educational supplies company. This move doubled my pay and provided a free car. Oh Joy.

Since then I have muddled my way through the world of work in various capacities and industries while managing to provide a home for my wife and two children (one of each). Now is the best bit, I am retired and blessed with the Fearsome Four, my grandchildren, three girls and a boy, who do their best to drive me insane and make me tearfully proud by turns.

So now I write. I write for my own amazement (Science Fiction) and the entertainment of the Fearsome Four (The Sprocket Sagas) both of which seem to be liked by some wonderful people who have taken the time to read and review my books.

I have always been a keen reader despite being labelled of remedial grade in primary school and now try to pay forward by reviewing the books I consume like a starveling at a banquet. What goes around comes around. Long live the reviewers.

You can find Bryan Pentelow on Goodreads and on his own Website.

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