5 Star Golden Reads 2017

The first thing to say is that this list is not an exclusive list of all the great Indie books out there – or even all the great indie books we have read this year. It is a well-considered recommended reading list of books we have enjoyed in the last twelve months, consciously spanning genres. So whilst this is most decidedly a list of excellence it is not claiming to be definitive or anything like.

The second thing to say is, we recommend these books wholeheartedly and if you have yet to read them you should consider doing so if they are in a genre you enjoy.

So, onto the list. This is given in alphabetical order of author name and there is no ranking. All are stonking good reads.

The Working Title Blog 5 Star Golden Reads for 2017

The Gaia EffectClaire Buss
That rare beast, a dystopian book with a real glow of hope.

Vengeance of SnailsChrys Cymri
It could honestly have been any or all of the Penny White novels, but this was chosen for being the darkest.

The Dying Of Mother SeedIndia Emerald
This is one of those stories you can’t say much about without spoilers, just that India is the mistress of the twist in the tale.

AustismDwayne Fry
This story tackles prejudice face on. It’s wrenching, but humorous too.

A Time Of NeedBrent A Harris
This truly engaging ‘what if’ that takes a tilt at American history

Murder in AbsentiaAssaph Mehr
A Roman-style whodunit in a world with magic.

Selia’s PromiseChristina McMullen
A truly frightening view of the future, read it and be afraid.

Hand and TalonMelonie Purcell
Fabulous fantasy and with strong characters.

Druid’s PortalCindy Tomamichel
Time-travel romance back to Roman times which challenges a lot of our assumptions about the nature of history.

Zombie TurkeysAndy Zach
Wonderful dry humour and social comment – and zombie turkeys!

And here’s to another year of great reading in 2018!

Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook.

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