A bite of… Sean O’Leary

Q1: You win either a house on the beach or a house in the mountains. Which do you accept?

By the sea, because you can swim in summer and the beach in winter is also great because it is deserted and brilliant for walking. I go to Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria a couple of times a year and I lived in Bondi Beach for a decade in the 90’s.

Q2: If you had to write under a different what would it be and why would you choose that name?

Um, I think, Dekker. It is the name of Harrison Ford’s character in Blade Runner, which is one of my all time favourite films. I love the scene where Rutger Hauer dies.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe...”

Q3: For you, which technology is the closest thing to real magic?

Q3. Virtual Reality. I think that this technology is just going to go ballistic. It has good and bad implications. For people with a disability it could change their lives, they could experience things that they never thought possible. It could also hugely change the porn and recreational drug use industries…for better or worse…it’s already here and going to get bigger and wilder, so get ready.

You can catch up with Sean O’Leary on Goodreads and on his website.


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