A bite of… Ned Spinks, thief-catcher in ‘The Rose Thief’ by Claire Buss

Q1: I’ve not many in your profession before, so what is it exactly that a thief-catcher must do to catch thieves?

The role of thief-catcher is time honoured in Roshaven. Well, it’s been around for as long as anyone can remember so that’s more or less the same thing. You see, we have all these Guilds who look after crime. I can’t say I’m a big fan of such blatant rule breaking but it seems to keep things mostly in order. I’m supposed to attend weekly meetings and get the receipts for upcoming heists but if I’m honest I try not to go. If some idiot is going to commit a crime in front of me then I will arrest them. The general public are free to report thefts, and other crimes, with us at any time and we also patrol the city keeping civic order. There are no required qualifications to be a thief-catcher, it helps to have a couple of brain cells but we don’t discriminate. A little bit of magical oomph is handy and you need to provide your own boots.

Q2: That sounds like you must keep pretty busy. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?

I love my city, I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a thief-catcher. Probably patrol the streets keeping citizens out of trouble, it’s the sort of thing that’s just in your blood. You’ve got to be a people person, you’ve got to know who you can ignore and who you need to listen to, who’s willing to provide a cuppa with their information and what time the cinnamon twists run out at Aggies Bakery. It’s about being connected, whether you want to be or not really.

Q3: I can imagine you must make the bad guys pretty annoyed. Do you have any great enemies and how do you keep them at bay?

We recently dealt with a murderous sorcerer as well as a psychotic despot, an unstable warlock, vampire mermaids and a dangerous illusionist. I use everything at my disposal to keep my city safe, it’s partly why we have such a multi-cultural team of thief-catchers – something for everything  Watery grave? I’ve got a mermaid. Poisonous plants? I’ve got a nymph. Magical conundrum? I’ve got a fae. Idiotic caper? I’ve got Joe.

Claire Buss, creator of Ned Spinks, can be found on Twitter, Goodreads and her own website.


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