The Penny White Series – Reviewed

The Penny White series by Chrys Cymri, introduces us to Vicar Penny White when she is driving home and finds herself giving the last rites to a dying dragon. From there we travel with her as she uncovers an amazing parallel universe called Lloegyr and encounters a Bishop who is a unicorn and takes a ride on a dragon... Jane Jago is now, officially, a fan!

The Temptation of Dragons (Penny White #1) 
by Chrys Cymri

Jane Jago‘s review

It was amazing.
I gulped this in one sitting. And I am now absolutely hooked. The mixing of myth with everyday stuff is heady and it drags you along with it. I’m rooting for Penny.
Just read it. You will be so glad you did.
***   ***   ***
The Cult of Unicorns (Penny White #2) 
by Chrys Cymri

Jane Jago‘s review

It was amazing.

At the risk of sounding gushing, this series is a must read if ever there was one. The heroine is refreshingly human and the monsters are so beautifully realised that you can all but smell them. Mixing the classic ingredients of a whodunnit with fantasy, romance and a touch of Christianity really shouldn’t work. But it does.

I’m hooked.

***   ***   ***


The Marriage of Gryphons (Penny White #3) 
byChrys Cymri

Jane Jago‘s review

It was amazing.

I don’t actually know where to start writing a review. This series tackles complex issues and moral dilemmas whilst mixing crime with fantasy with……

And the author does it all so well. I defy anyone not to be a bit in love with Clyde, and Raven, and Morry.

I think I’ve become a fan girl.

Hugely recommended.

The Vengeance of Snails (Penny White Book 4) is out now - so you can snag that too!

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