A Bite of… Bill McCormick

Q1: Would you prefer to be an alien living on earth or an earthling living on an alien world ?

Well, since I, pretty much, know how to be an earthling I’d prefer to stay as such and live
on an alien world. This is especially true as I have travelled extensively and find that alien environments are comfortable to me. I can learn new customs, meet new beings, maybe try their spicy foods. I love spicy foods. Plus, years of hard living have taught me that what happens on Zebulon Beta Prime stays on Zebulon Beta Prime.

Q2: What’s the most useless talent you have?

I know how to skin a squirrel. Not very useful on the south side of a major city.

Q3: Which of your own characters would you least like to be stuck in an elevator with?

The Exalted Quelnerom. He’s a noxious, pompous, self-absorbed, douchebag who thinks
he’s the smartest creature on the planet. If he didn’t command one of the largest armies known I’d punch his lights out. He’s made even more annoying by the fact he’s successfully procreated and wields that minor achievement like a cudgel in all conversations.

Bill McCormick began writing professionally in 1986 when he worked for Chicago Rocker
Magazine in conjunction with his radio show on Z-95 (ABC-FM). He went on to write for
several other magazines and later transitioned to blogs. He currently writes a sports blog at Jay The Joke, as well as a twisted news blog at World News Center. The latter provides source material for his weekly radio show on WBIG 1280 AM, FOX! Sports. Yes, you read that correctly, he does a show about anything other than sports on a sports radio station.
In 2011, Bill started submitting some fictional short stories to various publishers. Much to his surprise, and the consternation of linguists everywhere, they began publishing his efforts. Bill has expanded his repertoire to include comic books, graphic novels, and full length novels. He has currently penned everything from dystopian nightmares to cuddly children's stories.
Bill is a big fan of nicotine, vodka, music, and this rambunctious redhead (formerly a bottle blonde) who keeps waking up in his bed.
You can slog through his scribblings on his website.

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