A Bite of… Peter Midnight

Hello all. My name is Peter Midnight. Let’s dive right into this interview questions. But first, a teeny, tiny, bit about me.

I’m 30. I write sci-fi mostly. So, where to begin? The concept of far-reaching conspiracies, high technology and physics fascinate me, so does magic. It’s no surprise then that I’m a fan of shows like Rick And Morty, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, (Warehouse 13 and Eureka) (Softer core sci-fi, but still good food for thought) Dark Matter and The Expanse as well as shows like Fringe and Man in the High Castle, (Also, who doesn’t watch Game Of Thrones?)… its a long list, so lets keep it rolling.

Currently, I have a finished work/MS titled Broken Fate – Edge Of Destiny, which focuses on the one person in the middle of all the craziest things in the Broken Fate Universe *(Also there’s a whole universe. A reality where all my stories will take place). But, I’m not here to pitch to anyone or bore the crowd so if you’re interested PM me on FB. BF – EOD is a 60k words MS complete from a-z and edited a bunch of times. Limited open slots for beta readers. Act fast.

Anyway on to my current works and then to the answers you’ve all been waiting for.

At the moment, I’m working on another shorter MS called Broken Fate Ops (Side Stories) which is about the ‘other’ characters in the BFU and gives us a deeper look into how they work and behave when not in the main spotlight of the BF – EOD Original storyline. Think of it as Agents Of Shield I guess. (Never watched it, but I’m guessing it’s not called The Avengers for a reason :P) In Broken Fate Ops – Operation Mountain Ruse, we come across the some of the team at their lowest point. As they question their lives and choices, they are thrust into another impossible situation, however, this is happening at the same time our MC Raven is working out some very important feelings on a very delicate situation. Not the best pitch, but I don’t want to bog down this already-soaked and still highly-absorbent interview 😛 Check out my FB page for pictures, teasers and other information. Plus you could simply contact me if you’d like to soft-join the review group on Google Docs. (Soft-join means there’s no obligation. PM me, check it out, read and review if you like it 🙂 )

And Nooooooooow. For the interview questions.

Q1: What would be your one luxury item (survival is covered) on a desert island?

  • A solar-powered tablet with all my favorite tv shows, movies, books, games and of course, porn.

Q2: What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence?

  • All forms of pencil and pen type writing utensils. Why?
  • Bruce Wayne: ….So why steal them? (Gems) or in this case, (All manner of writing utensils)

    Alfred: Because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn….

Q3: If your books morphed into an animal which animal would they become?

  • In case this interview resurfaces in the future, my answer should probably be a seagull. I wanted to say ‘snake in the grass.’ But seagull will make better and more sense.. In tiiiiime.

Those were the questions and all the time I have for today. 😀 Thanks for reading. If you want more, leave comments where this is posted and bug the blog, to bug me, to come back, for another 😛

Who knows, there might be more crazy questions with even crazier answers 😛

Anyway, before you go, just give me enough time to say thanks to YOU for reading 🙂

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