A bite of… Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards is a British born writer and podcaster, currently living in Finland.

Q1: What is the best thing about having a story in Tales From The Underground?

Tales from the Underground is such a wonderful book, with some fantastic stories across an eclectic range of genres. I know it’s a cliché to say “there’s something for everyone”, but there really is. My story is a modern fairy tale that draws from my working life in a hospital and sprinkles magic and mathematics all over it. But we have some appropriately dark fantasy stories in there too, as well some thoughtful science fiction, with dashes of horror and adventure in the mix.  As I say in the foreword, stories of the dark beneath our feet have been with us as long as stories have been told, and it’s great to be part of that tradition. Still, on a personal level, I’m excited to share an anthology with my dad; his love of stories is why I love stories, and it’s a privilege to be able to bring him into the Inklings fold with his first published work. His tale is a quirky story of family legend, which I think people will really enjoy. So, for me personally, the that’s the very best thing about having a story in Tales from the Underground.

Q2: What is the strangest thing about living in Finland?

I’ve lived here long enough that many of the things I found strange really aren’t any more. The endless snows last winter (although the Finns assure me we “didn’t really get much snow”), the summer nights where it doesn’t get properly dark until 2am (I’m north, but not so far north we don’t get some dark hours), the seemingly random “flag days” where flags mysteriously appear on flag poles everywhere overnight (though even Finns don’t seem to know who or what particular flag days are supposed to celebrate), no I’m taking it all in my stride these days. Even the language, which still baffles and confuses me, I can’t really call it strange any more. If I’m still freaked out by anything it’s the fact that our flat (and many others) has two front doors; when you open the first one, no gap, no vestibule, bang, there’s a second door to open right there. I guess it’s for insulation, and I’m sure we’re not the only place that does it, but still…. strange.

Q1: What do Lingonberries really taste like?

Like angel dreams sprinkled with fairy dust? Actually, I’m not the person to ask, as I’m not much of a berry eater, which practically makes me a pariah in Finland. I have had a slice or two of lingonberry cakes, and they were… fine? If you want to talk Finnish food though, spare a thought for salmiakki: salty liquorice. My wife fed me some as a bizarre initiation test early in our relationship, I think she just wanted to watch my reaction. It’s an… acquired taste. It’s liquorice, but… salty. The Finns go mad for the stuff, and have it in all sorts of forms, including salmiakki ice cream. I’ve not indulged. My dad likes it though, we have to bring him some when we go visit. Oh, did I mention, he too has a story in Inklings Press’s exciting new anthology Tales from the Underground?
You can follow Rob on Twitter and listen to his monthly podcast where he is currently reading chapters of his novel Writ in Blood and Silver, set in another type of underground, the London Underground. Find that at www.storycastrob.co.uk and visit his blog for updates on all his writing 

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