The Banker and The Accountant

The lights were shining on the beach
Blinking in colours and white
They lit the sky and lit the sand
And made it all so bright
And this was good because it was
The middle of Saturday night
The deejay jumped just like a flea
Because he said the kids
We’re lucky that he did this gig
As freely as he did

The Banker and the Accountant
Were walking on the beach
And each one wept to see so much cash
Definitely out of reach
With seven miles of razor wire
And a hundred vans selling beer
Do you suppose the banker said
We could make people pay to come here
I doubt it said the accountant, and shed a bitter tear

The time has come the Banker said
To talk of many things
Of VAT and interest rates
And why the viper stings
And why there’s a Canadian
In charge of all these things

Oh teenagers come walk with us
Along the moonlit strand
And we will teach you many things
As you traverse the sand
The teenage children looked at them
But vouchsafed not a note
The drugs had ate their brains away
Goodbye, that’s all she wrote

© jane jago 2017

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