A Bite of… Melissa North’s Gaston.

Q1: What do you like most about yourself?

Ha! Just before my heart attack, the realisation that I’ve become my father hit me. So, there’s not a lot I like about me at the moment.

I don’t think many people will miss me either, I’ve been called an asshole so many times, I’ve lost count. I’m a spirit now and besides hanging out for a smoke and to feel the taste of gin sliding down my throat, I flit around wishing I’d made better choices.


Q2: If someone offered you the chance to change one thing in your world what would it be and why?

*Gaston looked to be pacing the floor, however with spirit qualities, pacing really just doesn’t seem to sound right. His brow creased and dark eyes narrowed as he turned*

I would change the day my father lost the plot. He cheated on my mother with whores from a town the circus was performing in, and the bastard loved the moonshine… I tell you! If I was older then, I would have killed him myself!

*The caravan we are sitting in begins to shake and the drawers spring open dislodging their contents onto the floor*


Q3: What career would you most like to follow if not your own and why?

*Gaston shakes his head and scratched his bulbous belly*

In hindsight, I would not change my career, if I knew now what the future was to deal out, I would of changed my ways. I should have taken more notice of a lot of people. I’ve hurt some-one I love and I miss her.

*He fades in and out of view as he speaks before disappearing completely from my view*

You can find more about Gaston in Melissa North’s ‘A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes’ which you can find on Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and Amazon Australia and all other Amazon stores.

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