A Bite of… Jayden Hunter

Q1: Would you prefer to spend the evening playing poker, having a gourmet meal or with a vampire and why?

I would prefer to play poker against a vampire.  The ultimate choice of the dinner entree would be what was at stake.  I like having everything on the line.  I like my ships and bridges burnt to the ground.  Playing the greatest psychological social game ever invented, with my lifeblood at risk…  Wow, what could be more life affirming than that?
“A beautiful woman?” someone suggests.
“Oh, true,” I agree, “but this is a close second.”

Q2 Which existing MMO would you most want to live in and why?

If I was forced to choose, it would be Skyrim.  My main reason is that this is my daughter’s favorite game. I’d be able to spend a lot more time with her if I lived there.  She once told me she felt guilty about all the people she’s killed playing games.
I like this about her.
I really believe that someday soon virtual worlds will become a place where an increasing amount of social interaction takes place.

Q3: Louis or Lestat and why?

I’m going to have to (potentially) embarrass myself here and go with Edward.  I was one of those who fell in love with Bella, probably for the wrong reasons.  And, yeah, in real life there was a Jacob, and I still hate him.  I guess, if forced to answer the question, I’m going to be pragmatic and answer Lestat.  The protagonist in my romance series is named Jessica Lestat Rogers, and I think in the end, given a choice, we all choose power.
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