A Bite of… K. Caffee

Q1: You write about Pukah a lot, who are they and how do they effect your world?

The short answer for “what is a pukah” is that they are mischievous little faerie cross breeds who enjoy inspiring others, bringing laughter, love, and humor into the lives of all who cross their paths. They also are wonderful little helpers, so long as you remember to tell them when to quit – otherwise, they don’t realize when enough is enough. The long answer can be found here.

As for how they affect my world? Again, there’s a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer – I can’t get away from them. From making sure I can’t find things that I need (pranks) to ensuring other things I forgot, or left behind, are at hand (helpful) I get the entire spectrum. At times, they’ll even make sure I stay cool with nice breezes or light mists when I’m out in the heat, or warm with pockets of warm that hang around when I’m out in the bitter cold.

The long answer – I don’t live with Murphy’s Law so much as I live with a pukah’s prank. I’m sure Murphy figures in to an extent, but when things go really wrong, or really right, I first have to look to myself and what I have/haven’t done for the pukah recently. They aren’t so much finicky around me, as picky. If they pull a prank and I don’t react I can guarantee they’ll pull another one with worse results before too long. If they help, and I don’t give thanks – it’s a guarantee they’ll be back to let me know their displeasure.

Since the pukah have taken up permanent residence in my life, I’ve discovered there isn’t much that I can unconditionally qualify as “coincidence” any longer. About the only thing they haven’t done (yet – and I’m hoping this doesn’t give them too many ideas) is to take up physical residence as well as spiritual. Right now, I just don’t have the extra room to accommodate a wolf/lynx/horse/lizard/human body alongside the ones that already inhabit the house. Nor do I have the capacity to explain to the neighbors why a house just popped up overnight in my yard.


Q2: What do you think is it about darker aspects of human nature that makes them so compelling to you as a writer and to your readers?

Not sure about my readers, to be honest. I know that when I’m reading something on the darker side of the spectrum, it’s because I have something bothering me that I want to demolish – and those stories have a nice, safe place to do that.

For my writing, it’s similar to when I read. Writing through the darker aspects allows me to purge a bad day, a bad client, or anything else that manages to grate on my nerves. It also is a safe place to explore what, and how, someone may react negatively in a safe way. After all, going out and killing someone just because they said “no” in reality is not a safe (or healthy) thing to do. I’ve also discovered that writing on the darker end of the spectrum lets me really look at various social injustices from the inside out. Not just
the ones we hear about constantly-such as racism, bigotry, or general injustice-but also things like speciesism, slavery, and self-suppression.

I keep trying to move over to the lighter side, but I keep getting pulled back into the darkness. At some point, there will be a middle ground, though likely that won’t happen until the world no longer needs the mirrors showing just how ugly the darkness can be and that there’s hope for that darkness to be dissolved.


Q3: If you could have an expert understanding of any area of human knowledge, which would it be?

::Soft chuckle:: This one is personally rather ironically funny. I’ve always been someone who has to know why – why do I have to do something; why does this work, but that doesn’t; why anything? To that end, I’ve shaped my schooling for a career in a psychological field. I’ve always been “that” person who seems to be everyone’s listening ear. Sometimes I’ve had the right words to say, other times I’ve just been the one to listen without judgment. However, I almost always have the same questions rattling around in the back of my head – why is this happening to you and not me? Or, at times, why did this happen to both?

At times I get caught in what I call a “holding pattern” – when I know I’m on the cusp of a knowledge breakthrough, or a life-related change in understanding. Breaking out of that, in most cases, comes with answering that critical question – “Why?” Once I can do that, I start moving again. Because of this, having more knowledge about psychology, and the way people think helps shorten the waiting period. Any idea why that is?

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