A bite of… C.H. Clepitt


Today we have managed to pin down C. H. Clepitt for a WorkingTitle grilling…

Q1. I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse is a unique concept. Can you tell us what brought about such an inspired piece of lunacy?

I was doing an interview with the fabulous Aline from ChaChaRocks, and she asked me what my ideal outfit would be. I told her I didn’t want to be the stupid woman who wore heels to the apocalypse, and thus the concept was born. It was a big deal for me, as Heels was the first full length book I’d written since The Book of Abisan in 2013, and I was really nervous about how it would be perceived. I have been utterly overwhelmed by the amazingly positive response, and it even inspired me to write the sequel!

Q2. If we accept that The Badger is your alter ego, what words of advice would he have for us run-of-the-mill humans?

Always be kind. It’s easy to forget that kindness costs nothing, especially when those in power across the planet are needlessly cruel. But kindnesses aren’t what will keep you awake at night, and something that means very little to you might make someone’s day.

Q3. What is your secret vice?

Ooo! I don’t know, maybe shoes… I have a bit of a shoe problem, I am working on it!

Hold the front page…

Today sees the release of the long-awaited sequel to I Wore Heels to The Apocalypse. For more about Everything is Better with a Cape see



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