Author feature: The 942 Series by J.I. Rogers

The 942 Series by J.I. Rogers is a collection of short stories set in the dystopian/sci-fi world of Tamyrh.

A taster from ‘Protocol 9’

Kael yawned and walked over to the windows. It wasn’t light yet, but you didn’t have to see the Seep to know it was there; its presence permeated the entire station. 
The Northern wall in the reception room was taken up with a massive map. It showed the foothills in Korlune, through the mountains, and across the massive drainage that flowed from the Eastern shore of Lake Evora to the Hotari Sea.  
The Seep in glorious, yet fraudulent detail. Kael wandered over to admire it yet again. It’s doubled in size since this was completed. His gaze drifted to the corner where the team credits and date was listed. Not many Korlo names in those crews, they must have been slaves. He crouched and leaned in closer to read the date. Hard to believe they did this two hundred years ago. He shuddered involuntarily. They had no digi-link technology, no air transports, and no reliable communication, topside. He stood up and pictured the bulky enviro-suits they would have used. We’re soft by comparison. 
Kael knew the Seep for what it was; he’d walked in the verdant expanse of acidic vegetation, corrosive mists, and ever-changing sand bogs. He leaned in closer to pick out some of the red lines that denoted paths over stone. I wonder how many of those are still there? He ran his finger up to the area they’d just returned from. No sign of the researchers. There had been no signs of life inside the deserted station; none of the common insects, no birds, just a thick layer of reddish moss growing out over the black sludge of the bog.   
His digipad beeped. Kael answered it, opened the attached file, and skimmed the health reports of his team. He stopped when he got to Hallie’s results. Damn it; Arcosium. Kael signed off that he’d seen the report and tucked the device away. I’ll assign her to hangar duty after this run. I wonder who’s next?  
“General Galen will see you now, sir.” Cali interrupted his train of thought. “Please go in.” She indicated the door.   
The General looked up from his paperwork; the dark shadows under his eyes intensified his stare. “Sunde? Why aren’t you getting your team ready?”  
 “Sir, I respectfully request that you reassign this mission to another team. Hallie is sick. Vallen and Laros are both on leave, Sean is down with caustic burns, and— 
“Would if I could, but I can’t. This could be another Protocol Nine mission, Kael, and your team is the only crew I have left that can handle it.” 
“Could be?” 
“That will be your call on arrival.” 
Kael’s headache began to build. “Which camp and how long since there’s been no contact?” 
“Vorta Botanical. I’ll send you all the particulars once you’re airborne.”

A Bite of... J.I. Rogers
Q1: Is it important to include all shades of belief and sexual orientation in a book?

That depends on what you’re writing; a physics textbook that included graphic entanglement sequences might prove to be a bestseller, but you can also hit a point where it appears forced. Our world includes all those shades, so for my own writing, I let the circumstances of the story and the characters dictate what other elements come into view. As a result, my series includes topics such as racism, bigotry, sexual orientation, drug use… you get the idea. I choose what I think works for the story and allow it to appear organically and flow – then the characters approve or veto it accordingly

Q2: Have you ever invented a language?

Yes. One in high school, but it only had a written form (a friend and I would leave notes for each other). The second one I devised for my current series. There are several languages spoken, but the Diasporan (refugees) speak a patois based on the languages the groups that were settled in the region spoke. The running joke is that the only thing they have in common with other groups are the same swear-words. I based that off my own experience going to an international school when I lived in Kenya; what are the first words kids share with each other? I can swear in 8 languages.

Q3: Would you rather be James Bond or Batman?

Hmmmm. Rich, amoral, sociopath who enjoys what he does vs. rich, moral, sociopath who’s filled with angst – Chaotic Evil vs. Lawful Evil… Both have gadgets. Bond probably has every form of VD known to man (and some unknown), but Batman’s angst prevents him from enjoying sex. Bond has Q. Batman has Alfred… bonus points; Alfred rocks. I don’t like martinis. I don’t like angst. Tough choice. Batman. 

J.I. Rogers in her own words:

I am an award-winning, green-eyed, ginger-haired, caffeine addict who writes dystopian/sci-fi novels. My current project is “The 942 Series”.
When not acting as a conduit for the voices in my head or working on something artistic, I’m a poster child for Gen X and the Queen of most boondoggles that lead to eye-strain and tinnitus.

You can find J.I. Rogers  on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or her own website.



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